8 Habits to add 24 Good Years to Your life

So I came across an online article on the CBS News Healthwatch site. The title of the article is These 8 habits could add up to 24 Years to your life.

As a fitness professional and Precision Nutrition L2 Coach, I truly believe we are the tip of the spear as it relates to health care. You see if I do my job right, my clients need to consume less from the medical-industrial complex. 

“The observational study presented Monday at the American Society for Nutrition’s annual meeting in Boston examined data on more than 700,000 U.S. veterans and how their life expectancy shifted based on the number of healthy habits followed.”

The premise of the article, is that if you adopt these healthy lifestyle habits in your 40s (and beyond) you can dramatically extend the quality and duration of your life.

Those habits include:

  • Being physically active
  • Being free from opioid addiction
  • Not smoking
  • Managing stress
  • Having a good diet
  • Not regularly binge drinking
  • Having good sleep hygiene
  • Having positive social relationships

Probably not surprising … but largely what we coach our clients. Our 8-week nutritionOS transformation program starts on 8/21 and we’d love to have you take part. 

So if you are tired of jumping from one diet to another, feeling trapped in a never-ending cycle of weight loss struggles? Trust us when we say that the secret lies beyond traditional diets. As experts at Be Fit South Shore, we understand the challenges faced by women over 40 who want to improve their health without obsessing over food or following restrictive meal plans. Let’s explore how science and psychology can transform your journey toward sustainable results.

The Struggles Are Real:

Life after forty brings many commitments – work demands, family responsibilities, and juggling countless tasks throughout the day. With such busy schedules ruling our lives, prioritizing healthy eating becomes a constant challenge for most women just like you. It’s no wonder that meals often become rushed afterthoughts or missed entirely! And when hunger finally strikes amidst fatigue and stress levels soaring high? Convenience trumps nutrition as cravings take control.

Desires Beyond Diets:

It’s time to break free from this feast-or-famine mentality once and for all! Your desire is not limited only to looking good but also feeling amazing both inside out-achieving optimal energy levels with lasting transformations rather than temporary fixes on roller-coaster weight loss journeys.

Understanding The Challenges:

If willpower were enough or if life was less hectic…yes then things would be different! Many blame themselves or external factors like lack of support systems around them while searching desperately for quick-fix strategies promising miraculous outcomes – celebrity-endorsed fads that promise instant gratification yet leave disappointment in their wake; counting calories robotically; choking down tasteless TV dinners; embracing juice cleanses…all leading nowhere except back where they started (or worse).

Reframe Your Approach:

But here’s something important- it isn’t about finding some magical solution among these options but changing your perspective altogether. True success comes not from merely focusing on weight loss but embracing a holistic approach to health. It’s about adopting scientific and psychological principles that create sustainable results tailored to your real-life demands.

Discover The Science-Psychology Duo:

At Be Fit South Shore, we believe in going beyond traditional programs by introducing you to our revolutionary science-psychology duo – the dynamic combination of research-backed knowledge with personalized coaching built for success. The nutritionOS program empowers women like yourself over 40, guiding them towards improved well-being while experiencing genuine transformation through lifestyle changes based on core foundational principles.

It’s time for a fresh start! Say goodbye to restrictive diets and welcome lasting change fueled by comprehensive understanding instead. Evolutionary progress lies within reach as you prioritize long-term health goals without compromising enjoyment along the way. Join us at Be Fit South Shore today and let this be just the beginning of your extraordinary journey toward unlocking true vitality!

Learn more about the nutritionOS program at southshorefit.com/nutritionOS. We start on 8/21 and have some amazing savings opportunities including $100 off when you use the coupon code Action2023 at checkout.

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended as professional advice; it aims solely to provide information based on current studies presented at relevant events or conferences.


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