My message for today is something I’m sure you have heard about…the “mind-body connection,” but have you ever really thought about what it means, both in general and specifically to you?

It is a great topic to meditate on and journal about. 

One of my favorite definitions is being ‘tuned in’ to your person at several different levels. This is something we dig into in some depth with the F.A.T. Method program as well as our Personalized Training Programs

In a nutshell, our beliefs create feelings, which lead to actions, which produce results. But you have to be mindful of these connections to really make them powerful and use them as a tool for yourself.

How would that work with fitness?

Let’s say that somewhere along the way, someone told you something like, “You’re joining a gym again? You’ve done that in the past, and you’ve always ended up quitting before you got any results.”

Your conscious mind – which allows you to make choices that decide your level of success – can either accept or reject that statement. If your conscious mind rejects it, then it won’t affect your actions.

But if your conscious mind accepts it, this belief becomes imprinted in your subconscious mind.

That’s where the trouble begins.

Your subconscious mind knows no limits except those you self-impose. It has no ability to reject. It receives a belief – either from you or from an outside source – and has no choice but to accept it and spit out a result.

Kind of like a fax machine.

Once this belief has been accepted, it results in a series of decisions that produce that result. And 100% of the time, those decisions are aligned with the belief.

Now … here’s where things get sideways.

Once we get the result that was dictated by the faulty belief – say, we quit the gym after a few weeks or months, just like the outside source told us we would – that result confirms and strengthens the original belief! And we wind up stuck in this endless loop of faulty thinking controlling our beliefs and actions and giving us results that we don’t want.

These are our patterns of behavior. Learn to recognize them and recognize the ones that move you away from the person you want to be. Get good at this, and it gets way easier to deconstruct them.

So what can you do?

Reject negative thinking and people. What they’re saying about you has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you.

Negative things you say to and about yourself must be pulled out, observed, and understood. Then choose new words and make new decisions. Ones that support you, your goals, and the outcomes you want for your life. Your conscious mind is powerful. Use it to your advantage.

Be decisive. Thinking about doing something isn’t going to produce the result that you want. Deciding to do it and then doing it is the only solution.

So what’s something that you want to achieve by the end of 2023? 

What patterns are in your way, tangling you up and preventing you from achieving them?

And what decision can you make to get it? 

Reply and let me know.

Yours in health and wellness,

~ Coach Leon

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